Volunteer Profile

Objectives of Volunteer Service

We are commited to promoting and developing sustainable volunteer service, encouraging volunteers to participate in social services, so as to build their self-esteem and self-confidence as well as nurturing a caring community.

Scope of Volunteer Service

In response to different community needs, we provide volunteer training, service matching as well as co-ordinating volunteer service. Short-term and long-term service will be offered for the target group with special needs in the community, for example single-parent families, new arrivals, low- income families and unemployed youth, etc. Moreover, dates and frequency of service will be arranged depending on the availability of the volunteers.

Volunteer Training

  • Providing quality volunteer service
  • Equipping volunteers with relevant knowledge and skills and enhancing their self-understanding
  • Promoting team spirit and strengthening ties and interaction among volunteers.
  • Developing their sense of civic responsibility and dedication to the society

Volunteer Recognition

In order to recognize the volunteers’ contribution to the society, on top of the awards presented by our agency, we proactively nominate our volunteers for various volunteer awards which are administered by different organizations and government departments such as the Caring Company Logo of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and the Volunteer Movement Award of the Social Welfare Department, etc.