In response to the latest development of novel coronavirus infection, to minimise the risk of infection for service users, especially those physically weak or susceptible to infection, our service units will have special service arrangements. The service arrangements will be posted on notice board, social media and web site (if any) of the service units. Generally the service units will only provide limited services, except for the counselling service necessitated through client facing encounters, with a view to reducing the risk of contact and infection for a large number of service users. For specific service arrangements, the service units will make clear to particular groups of service users the scope of limited services (e.g. not including groups and programmes).

All service units will continue to take note of the guidelines issued by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health in respect of the development of novel coronavirus infection. We will step up measures to prevent communicable diseases, including keeping the premises clean, requesting service users and staff to wash hands with alcohol hand rub and to wear surgical face masks, as well as enhancing body temperature screening measures.



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