“CLAP for Youth@JC” HKCYS Career and Life Planning Service Team
(New Territories East)


  • The establishment of a comprehensive career and life planning intervention model for different young people raises the professionalism of school and welfare sectors on life adventure and career planning.
  • The assistance for young people to understand their career interests enables them to make fully informed choices at an important crossroads;
  • The advocacy of multiple pathways enables young people to fully unleash their talents and build positive attitudes and values in their life and career.
  • The enhancement of parent and public awareness and participation on life planning builds cross-sectoral collaboration platform so that support can be provided for young people.
Targets of Service:

Mainly serves adolescents aged between 15 and 21 who face particular difficulties (including dropouts, hidden, out of school and unemployed) and are uncertain of their future, their career and life goals while growing up.

Service Areas:

New Territories East includes Shatin, Tai Po and North District.

Nature of Service:

The team is committed to build young people’s interests in art, sports, science and youth pop culture, assist them in transforming their interests into different life skills, understand and strengthen self-image, explore more opportunities in life as well as planning and managing career and life planning development and career aspirations.

We also emphasize the development of community network and resources and show the plasticity of the youth. It enables young people to find their own roles in their lives, rebuild their links with their families and communities as well as getting involvement continuously in the community, economic and social systems. The support of the society enables young people to face the challenges of life and career planning in a more confident manner.

Our Distinctive Player:


Who does not like fun time? It is because having fun enables us to relax and feel happy. Therefore, in order to enhance young people’s motivation for participation, making them feel happy is the pre-requisite.


Of course only being happy is not enough. Whenever young people participate, we hope they can accumulate some learning experience and life skills(transferable skills) which brings them a sense of achievement.


Apart from learning knowledge and skills, it is also necessary to nurture young people’s attitude. In addition to positive working attitude, positive life attitude is essential which enables them to be more enthusiastic about their lives. They have more courage in the face of difficulties.


You Are Not Alone. We will mobilize the network resources of the nearby community. Whenever young people encounter setbacks and challenges, support will be provided which enables them to move ahead.


play hard, work hard and lead a serious life, pursue more excellent performance(Serious leisure).


We expect teenagers to build vision successfully, plan for our career and life as well as having the wishes to contribute to the community continuously and give guidance to teenagers with need of career and life planning service.

“Being diligent is rewarding. However, playing can also be beneficial. We hope we can further push adolescents and enable them to have dreams and dare to think, climb higher, see further and look at more spectacular scenery.

Service Hours:








Morning 9:30-1:00

Afternoon 2:00-6:00


Service is provided based on service needs, even outside service hours. For example, overnight period or Sunday and public holidays.

How To Join:


Our agency’s social workers take the initiation to know the unengaged adolescents in New Territories East service areas (including Shatin, Tai Po and North District). After assessment procedures, social workers will conduct targeted intervention work and they become the service targets of our program.


Our Agency also welcomes young people, parents, district organizations, schools and concerned individuals participating the programs to seek help directly from social workers or request for transferal. After assessment procedures, they can also be the service targets of our program. If our team’s career and life adventure planning service fails to meet the needs of an assistance seeker or a referer, the social worker will state the reasons of not providing the service and try to provide them with information related to other appropriate services.


If a service user wants to withdraw from service, he/ she can request the responsible social worker to terminate the service so that arrangement can be made.


Service Fee:

Our service charges will base on individual programme procedures. There is no charge for counselling service.

Address: Rm 1018, 10/F., Shatin Galleria, 18-24 Shan Mei Street, Fotan, Shatin, New Territories
Tel: 2420 3522
Fax:3020 6224
Email: clap@hkcys.org.hk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hkcysclap

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