• To help the PSAs abstain from their drug-taking habit and develop a healthy lifestyle;
  • To facilitate young people who are at risk on the awareness of impact of drug abuse and assist to prevent them from misuse of drug;
  • Outreach to the youth gathering places frequently visited by young PSAs for early identification and intervention;
  • To provide counseling and supportive programmes for family members of PSAs in the process of handling the problems of drug abuse;
  • To deliver training and support to the community stakeholders and helping professionals in the recovery process of PSAs;
  • To develop and maintain close multi-disciplinary collaboration with stakeholders in the community like youth services organization, schools, medical and government departments;
  • To organize preventive community and supportive publicity programmes for parents, secondary students, allied professional organizations, community partners, etc. and to provide expert information and advice, training and

Target Group of Service:

  • Habitual / occasional / potential Psychotropic Substance
    Abusers (PSAs).
  • Youth who is at risk and without awareness on impact of psychotropic substance abuse.
  • Significant others of PSAs like family members, schools and employers.
  • Allied helping professionals / stakeholders for treatment and rehabilitation for the PSAs like teachers, social workers, medical professionals and community partners who are concerned with the young psychotropic substance abusers.
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